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1.91 seconds

There is no such thing as the perfect pit stop but on Sunday at Silverstone, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing got closer than anyone else ever has to achieving it. Pierre pitted on lap 12, absolutely nailing it on the marks, and the crew changed all four wheels for a recorded stationary time of 1.91seconds. It’s a new F1 record – but it’s been coming for a while.

“It’s a magnificent achievement from the pitcrew and something we are all very proud of,” says Team Principal Christian Horner. “They train with incredible dedication and a huge amount of effort and thought goes into the process. It’s wonderful to see our Team recapture the record, the competition is incredibly fierce and the technological progress is relentless – but ultimately taking the record is about people working together as a team and performing at the top of their game under the very highest pressure.”

People may watch and think taking the wheel off sounds like an easy job but it isn’t. They are heavy, and the Team have to reach forward and shift the weight at an awkward angle. Then the new wheels have to go on without any fumbles, the jacks have to come away smoothly and the driver needs to have his reactions perfect – which again isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.If it all come together and everyone’s having the perfect day at the same time then a near perfect stop is achievable.

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